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High school - College Prep is designed for players who intend on playing college tennis and are entering their junior or senior year of high school or are incoming college freshmen. Our program will prepare you for college level tennis by focusing on mental toughness, high-level match play, along with strategy for singles and doubles game. Tennis players still in high school will also develop an understanding of the recruiting process, and all players will focus on the differences between junior tennis and college tennis and will receive tips on how to become a successful student-athlete. Throughout the program, players will be given the experience of college level match-play and will be placed into 6 equal-level teams that will compete against one another through coached matches.


Join our offspring at the universities of U. S. receive a tennis scholarship of up to $40,000 a year. ITP help players who do not have ambitions of professional tennis but would like to use tennis as a tool to achieve a good university education in U. S.. The ITP college prep program has a close cooperation with several major universities and long-term cooperation with the Agency of U. S. Who cares about the best placement and scholarship in the U. S.


Our College Representative Players:

  • Michal Amir- The Univerisy of Maryland

  • Hagar Caro- Auburn University at Montgomery

  • Danielle Shtienberg- Univerisy of Arizona

  • Maayan Sela- University of the Pacific

  • Liran Kling- College of Charleston

  • Aviram Solomn- University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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