Our renowned programs include:

International Tennis Ambassadors is designed  to bring children from various countries together for an exceptional 

course which encompases language exchange program, tennis ethics and instilling multicultural values.

Identifying Talent Program was launched with to help children which are displaying potential and desire to develop their tennis. We use standardised quantifiable methods to help coaches and players define thier goals and provide them with tools in order to improve their game.

MY Comics is a unique program specializing in acquiring a new language of communications. Integrated as a teaching tool by means of personal expression, developing social skills, illustration and writing, the program deepens children's involvement and makes a fun enviroment in the club.  

Home & Away expert training is a program which offers an expert ITP coach from the country where the tournament is held; he comes to a local academy to prepare juniors for the upcoming tournaments, firstly to get to know them and work with their local coach and then to escort and support them during the upcoming tournaments.

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