ITP Charity operates globally and it's a leading international tennis charity. Our vision is to promote tennis as a sport which is inclusive and accessible to every kind of community.

Through tennis we educate – is our motto! 

The concept came about as we thought of a way to contribute in raising tennis players globally and help juniors around the world who play tennis and need support.  

Our primary goal is to help by funding children from less privileged background and to instil moral values in players of all ages. We are here to enable children develop as players and support their love of tennis, with our fantastic tennis program for all ages and proven coaching methods, which benefits clubs and coaches. 













We run various programs, from pre-schools to universities to get more children and young people playing tennis and use it to help them achieve their personal potential. 

By participating in an ITP scheme, clubs' benefits include an ITP tennis app, regular follow up by an ITP professional, educational seminars for coaches and more..

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